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LE GRENIER Monthly magazine of art, literature... - Lot 305 - Ader
LE GRENIER Monthly magazine of art, literature and criticism N° 1, March 1925-N° 18 / 19, August-September 1926. Orléans, Published by : Paul-Léon Andrieu, René Berthelot, Paul Florens, André Gimonet, Pierre L. Lefebvre, Charles Leroy, Claude Lewy, Docteur M. Limouzi, Jean Loddé, Roger Secrétain, Jean Zay, Editorial secretary: Pierre L. Lefebvre. Texts by René Berthelot, Robert Brasillach, Francis Carco, Paul Florens, Maurice Genevoix, Max Jacob, Pierre Leroy, A. Rolland de Renéville, R. Secrétain, Jean Zay, etc. Illustrations by E. Gaudet, Marcel Haussaire, G. Lemeasle, A. Mahon, Jack [Jacqueline Zay], etc. Complete collection. 19 issues in 17 deliveries in 1 vol. in-8 bound. Includes: - 1 L.A.S. from Pierre Lefebvre to Jacqueline Zay (1935) in which Le Grenier is mentioned; - 1 LDS from the Bibliothe`que municipale d'Orle'ans (1966) to André Vasseur concerning Le Grenier and confirming that the present collection is complete; - 1 prospectus at the end of the volume, which is in fact the de'ce`s announcement for Le Grenier. Jacqueline Zay's copy, with a fine letter from Pierre Lefebvre, dated 1927.
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