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MAN AND LIFE Organ of the Mouvement de Synthèse... - Lot 353 - Ader
MAN AND LIFE Organ of the Mouvement de Synthèse culturelle No. 1, February 1946-No. 17, December 1947/January 1948. No. 8 and 9, which consist of booksellers' catalogs, are missing. Paris, Director: Manuel Devaldès, then Georges Girardin, Administrator: Jean Serru. Texts by Pierre-Valentin Berthier, Jean Boccador, Louis Brémondy, Manuel Devaldès, Georges Girardin, Robert Grosclaude, Gérard de Lacaze-Duthiers, Maurice Leblanc, Louis Le Sidaner, Jean Marestan, Georges Pioch, Jean Rostand, Jean Serru, etc. 17 issues in 17 deliveries (various formats) in 1 vol. in-folio bound. Joint : - 1 brochure by Georges Girardin : Vers un monde nouveau : Un monde de paix sans prole'tariat est immeasurably re'alisable (1947). Copy bound with Pan magazine: PAN Revue de l'humanisme N° 1, 1947. Proof copy (printed spring 1947). Texts by Georges Girardin, Ernest Hemingway, Oswald Martell, Henry Miller, African Spir L'Homme et la vie was the Organe de l'Institut d'inte'gration or Organe du mouvement de synthe`se culturelle. It was published in support of a joint venture set up in Poujol-sur-Orb (He'rault) in southern France in 1947. There were 17 issues in all, two of which (8 and 9) were mimeographed, and featured exclusively booksellers' catalogs. Pan is a stillborn magazine, without title or cover, which was to be called Pan, revue de l'humanisme (left-wing magazine) and which wanted to be surre'alist. The financial backer was Jean Serru, who, with Georges Girardin, wanted to found a shared life in the Midi.
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