16th Century to 19th Century Decorative Arts


Expert: Pierre-François DAYOT

Interior decoration includes furniture, sculpture, and works of art. Even though the market has decreased for common objects, the exceptional objects due to their origin, signature, and quality are still very popular.

Ader organizes between six to eight catalogued auctions per year for this department. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an estimate of your item(s).


Expert: Laurence FLIGNY, assisted by Benoit BERTRAND

Our Haute Époque auctions (end of the 14th century to end of the 17th century), span several periods including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the 17th century to the 1680s. All the works of art of these periods are not just of religious objects, but also include tapestries, enamels, illuminations, furniture, and other everyday objects which are all found in our auctions.



Expert: Cyrille FROISSART

The major French and foreign manufacturing facilities are present in our auctions. This includes Delft, Faenza, Meissen, Quimper, Wedgwood, and Marseille, as well as Gien, Nevers, Limoges, Sarreguemines, Moustiers, Rouen, Vincennes, Sèvres, Chantilly, and other major manufacturers.

We also offer in our general or specialized auctions faience from large/small fire, and hard/soft porcelain.


Expert: Alexandre LACROIX

Molding, casting, and stone or wood carving are all techniques of sculpture. Numerous elements can enhance a sculpture including the name of the sculptor and/or the workshop, the name of the foundryman, a stamp, a brand and/or a maker's mark, and the edition.


Expert: Pierre CHEVALIER

Carpets and tapestries are the subject of specialized auctions. We find in the domain of tapestry manufacturers from Aubusson, Gobelins, Beauvais, and big European manufacturing facilities in Flanders and Brussels.

As for carpets, oriental or European carpets have a great variety. The density of the knot stitches, the patterns of the carpets from Hériz, Persia, Khorassan, Iran, and Agra, India, and the quality of the silk of the carpets from Yarkand, Turkistan are all appreciated and sought after.