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[ARCHITECTURE - AMERIQUE DU NORD] Lot de... - Lot 23 - Ader
Lot de 20 ouvrages en anglais sur l'architecture aux Etats-Unis.

*The Architecture of the American Summer.
The Flowering of the Shingle Style.
Rizzoli, 1989. 196 pp. Broché.

*The Federal City : Plans & Realities.
Smithsonian Institution Press, 1976. 170 pp. Broché.

*Of Earth and Timbers Made.
New Mexico Architecture.
By Bainbridge Bunting.
University of New Mexico Press, 1975 (2nd printing). 85 pp. Broché.

*Chicago Architecture and Design 1923-1993.
Prestel, 2000. 480 pp. Broché.

*Residential Architecture in Southern California 1939. Mediterranean to Modern.
Hennessey+Ingalls, Santa Monica, 1998. 112 pp. Broché.

*Exterior Decoration. Hollywood's Inside-out Houses.
Par John Chase.
Hennessey+Ingalls, Los Angeles, 1982. 124 pp. Broché.

*Beach Houses from Malibu to Laguna.
Par Elisabeth McMillian.
Rizzoli, 1994. 208 pp. Relié sans jaquette.

*The Poorhouse.
Subsidized Housing in Chicago, 1895-1976.
Par Devereux Bowly.
Southern Illinois University Press, 1978. 256 pp. Relié sans jaquette.

*Design Primer for Hot Climates.
Par Allan Konya.
The Architectural Press, 1980. 126 pp. Relié avec jaquette.

*Texas Log Buildings. A Folk Architecture.
Par Terry G. Jordan.
University of Texas Press, 1978. 230 pp. Relié avec jaquette.

*Architects build for their Family.
A House for My Mother.
Par Beth Dunlop.
Princetown Architectural Press, 1999. 192 pp. Broché.

*All Their Own. People and the Places They Build.
Par Jan Wampler.
Schenkman, 1977. 204 pp. Broché.

*Précis IV.
American Architecture: In Search of Traditions.
Rizzoli, 1983. 128 pp. Broché.

*Rebecca L. Binder.
Contemporary World Architects, 1995. 132 pp. Broché.

*Buildings. Architecture in American Modernism.
Hirschl & Adler Galleries, 1980. 96 pp. Broché.

*Colonial Architecture of Cape Cod.
Nantucket & Martha's Vineyard.
Par Alfred Easton Poor.
Dover, 1970. With 217 Photographs and measured drawings. Broché.

*On the Edge of the World.
Four Architects in San Francisco at the Turn of the Century.
Par Richard Longstreth.
University of California Press, 1983. 456 pp. Broché.

*American Architecture.
Par David P. Handlin.
Thames and Hudson, 1997. 288 pp. 250 illustrations. Broché.

*Early Homes of Ohio.
Par I.T.Frary.
Dover, 1970. 334 pp. 203 illustrations. Broché.

*The Architecture of Country Houses.
Par A.J. Downing.
Dover, 1969. 484 pp. 321 illustrations. Broché.
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