Francesco Paolo Tosti (1846 - 1916) 

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Francesco Paolo Tosti (1846 - 1916) 

Francesco Paolo Tosti (1846 - 1916) 

Album autobiographique, c. 1910.

Illustrated Interview.

Englefield green - This is where I wrote my songs this year - This is the kitchen garden - and this is the drive up to the house. I often stood outside the house watching the motors go by. As you see, Holloway College is opposite my gate. It was too wet to spend much time in the garden, and I found the road less damp for taking a stroll. I often rise early and smoke my first cigar on the door-step. When fine I go out for a walk and think about my songs as I smoke my second cigar. Yes! my wife is very found of dogs. This is one of my favourite views. After lunch I enjoy a quiet smoke I superintend the arrival of my piano. I feel very worried when I can not find good words for my songs. Yes, a day never passes whithout my received a few telegrams. I find a game of bowls very good exercise. I sometimes amuse myself by taking photographs - this is one of them. I sometimes walk in the afternoon and go to the tea with friends. 

Album in-8 oblong composé de 24 épreuves argentiques d’époque insérées dans les feuillets. Légendes manuscrites à l’encre blanche sur les montages. 

Format moyen des épreuves : 9,5 x 7 cm

Paolo Tosti est un compositeur et musicien italien célèbre à la Belle époque. Sa carrière se déroule d’abord en Italie, et à partir de 1875 en Grande Bretagne où il est nommé maître de chant de la famille royale. Il est anobli par le roi Édouard VII et prend le nom de «Sir Francesco Paolo Tosti ».
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