Since 2006, Ader is the only auction house to organize Judaica auctions on a regular basis in France. These auctions are held twice a year and attract buyers from all over the world and institutions such as the Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme and the Mémorial de la Shoah.

Our specialized Judaica auctions consist of:

Objects of Worship

Hanukkah lamps, Shabbat candlesticks, Torah scrolls, reading hands (yad), spice boxes, Rimonim, circumcision sets, Seder plates, Kiddush cups, synagogue lamps, Esther scrolls, Torah shield (Tass)Havdalah sets, Yom Kippur amulets, Purim or Rosh Hashana sets, ceremonial clothing, etrog boxes, mezuzah, wedding ringsshofar, etc.

Books and Manuscripts

Prayer books, mahzor, rabbinic writings, Kabbalah, doctrinal decisions, Talmudphotographs, Ketubah (Ketubot), Shiviti, illustrated Bibles, Megilah, books, maps of the Holy Land, Yiddish, Responsa, Passover (Haggadah), etc.

Historical Souvenirs

Zionism (Herzl), History of Israel, important Jewish families (Bischoffsheim, Camondo, Deutsch de la Meurthe, Ephrussi, Fould, Halphen, Pereire, Rothschild, Stern, etc.), Shoah, anti-Semitism, Dreyfus Affair, Sanhedrin, Bezalel, etc.

Paintings by Jewish Artists

Chagall, Soutine, Modigliani, Kisling, Pascin, Kikoïne, Krémègne, Edouard Moyse, Alphonse Lévy, Lilien, Abel Pann, PriechenfriedBer Ryback, Fuchs, Mane-Katz, etc.

February 2023


Thursday 09 February 2023 at 14h00
Salle des ventes Favart , 3, rue Favart 75002 Paris
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