BERLIOZ Hector (1803-1869). L.A.S. " H. Berlioz",...

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BERLIOZ Hector (1803-1869). L.A.S. " H. Berlioz",...

BERLIOZ Hector (1803-1869).
L.A.S. " H. Berlioz", September 6, 1854, to Amédée MÉREAUX; 2
pages in-8.

Beautiful letter on


He thanks him for his learned and benevolent article [in the Journal de Rouen, on Berlioz's failure at the Institute]: "You fill me up. How many people are saying what you said in your feuilleton about the Institute, who should have already written it but are keeping it. We should not grieve for that more than for any other absurdity; music, in our country, is a tolerated art; we push it, we hit it, we spit in its face, and we pretend to treat it well.... Fortunately we are a certain number of resigned musicians, who love her all the more as she is more unhappy, and who have a respect for her all the more deeply as she is more outraged ". Then he alludes to L'Enfance du Christ for which Méreaux prepares the piano-chant score: "Where is our Dream? ». He leaves for a little trip to the South of France.


They are waiting for my score in Weimar for the German translation; that of L'Arrivée à Saïs has already been completed


Correspondence, vol. VIII, p. 395 (no. 1787bis).

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