BRAHMS Johannes (1833-1897). Sonata (Fmoll)...

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BRAHMS Johannes (1833-1897). Sonata (Fmoll)...

BRAHMS Johannes (1833-1897).
Sonata (Fmoll) für das Pianoforte Op.5; Variationen für das Pianoforte über ein Thema von Robert Schumann... Op.9 (Leipzig, 1854); 2 engraved scores
, in-fol.

First editions of these two works for


Sonata (F moll) für das Pianoforte... der Faru Gräfin Ida von Hohenthal gb. Gräfin von Scherr-Thoss zugeiegnet... Op.5 (Leipzig, Bartholf Senff, [1854]); 39 pages in-fol. (32.5 x 26 cm), music engraved, dimension no. 101, modern paperback with publisher's cover imprinted on the cover plate, calf's back titled [Hofmann, p. 11; Hoboken


Variationen für das Pianoforte über ein Thema von Robert Schumann, Frau Clara Schumann zugeeignet... Op.9 (Leipzig, Breitkopf & Härtel, [1854]); 19 pages in fol. (33 x 26 cm), engraved music, dimension no. 9001, publisher's covers printed on green paper, the upper cover on the left side of the page. (with the dedication to Clara Schumann) mounted on contemporary cardboard with cloth spine, the lower cover with the catalogue of "Robert Schumann's Werke im Verlage von Breitkopf & Hærtel in Leipzig" (some musicological notes in pencil, slightly missing in the upper corner of the cover [Hofmann, p. 21; Hoboken 10].

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