Grande Maquette

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1000 - 1500 EUR
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Result : 2 100EUR
Grande Maquette
Magnificent large scale model of the schooner BLUENOSE. The ship was originally used for fishing. Created in 1921 in Nova Scotia, the Bluenose was transformed into a racing ship that won the International Fishermen's Trophy 17 years in a row in the Maritime Provinces. After the decline of the so-called salt fish fishery, the Bluenose was sold to West Indies Trading and became a cargo ship to transport bananas, rum, and war supplies during World War II. In 1946, the ship sank in the Caribbean after hitting a reef. Since 1937, Emanuel Hahn's carved profile of the ship has been minted on Canadian dimes. Wooden model, canvas with copper elements. Length: 160 cm, Height: 142 cm, Depth: 42 cm. A decorative wave-shaped glass panel is attached (visible in the lot photograph).