BEAUTIFUL ARTS. About 60 L.A.S. Gabriel-Rousseau... - Lot 2 - Ader

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BEAUTIFUL ARTS. About 60 L.A.S. Gabriel-Rousseau... - Lot 2 - Ader
BEAUTIFUL ARTS. About 60 L.A.S. Gabriel-Rousseau (to Frantz Jourdain, 1923). Paul Gallimard. Édouard Gatteaux. Gustave Geffroy (7, to R. Binet, F. Clerget and Henri Béraud). Waldemar George (to Maurice Sachs, 1928). Jean-Léon Gérôme (6, to Chérif Pacha, Bénédict Masson..., 1872-1902). Henri Gervex (2). Félix Giacomotti. Giraldon-Bovinet. Karl Girardet. Jules Girardet (Champex 1892). Pierre Girieud. Léon Glaize (12 LAS to Noël Charavay et Mme, 1908-1921). Marie-Éléonore Godefroid (7, mostly to M. de La Fontaine, about Baron Gérard, commissions made to her, a copy of a painting by David, etc.). Nicolas Gosse (8, 1849-1864, including 4 to A. de Beauchesne, on his works). Pierre Adrien Graillon (Dieppe 1843, to Horace de Viel-Castel, about his statue of the parish priest of the church of Saint-Jacques de Dieppe). Jean-Pierre Granger (2 in Zimmermann). Henri Grévedon (in Zimmermann). Pierre-Narcisse Guérin (2, in Chaillou-Potrelle about the printing of a print that will cost more than expected, and in Zimmermann). Jean Guiffrey. Eugène Guillaume (2). Antoine Guillemet (2: "The most difficult thing for a painter is to make good paintings").
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