Marie-Noëlle dit Minou DROUET (born in 1947).... - Lot 99 - Ader

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Marie-Noëlle dit Minou DROUET (born in 1947).... - Lot 99 - Ader
Marie-Noëlle dit Minou DROUET (born in 1947). L.A.S., November 6, 1957, [to publisher Albert Mermoud], and signed autograph poem, Le petit galetet; 1 page and a half and 2 pages in-8. Letter and poem by the young poetess prodigy, aged ten. She sends poems that can be adapted to Louis Andrieux's photos: "He, like me, does not want text and image to stick too closely together [...] You would please me by telling me if you like my poems. It's funny, I always feel so anxious to disappoint. On the cover we could put a picture of me that Louis just took. I'm neither beautiful nor ugly - I'm me, with all the anguish and dreaminess and distance it entails, - detached, moving on to something else "...- The little pebble, on a pink sheet, is composed of 17 free lines: "On the back, Minou Drouet explains in pencil that this is the first poem she wrote, at the age of seven, and that she would like it to appear on the first page of the book she is preparing. She adds that she would like to write the few lines about herself: "Who better to express the truth about the heart of the snail than the snail itself? ».
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