Roger PEYREFITTE. L.A.S. (initials), April... - Lot 142 - Ader

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Roger PEYREFITTE. L.A.S. (initials), April... - Lot 142 - Ader
Roger PEYREFITTE. L.A.S. (initials), April 26-29, 1941, [to Henry de Montherlant]; 13 pages in-8. Very long letter, partly unpublished (Correspondence, cxvii). Peyrefitte announces the death of his father: "Struck on Wednesday evening by a stroke, which his 86 years of age made hopeless in advance, my poor father died, painlessly, very slowly, yesterday evening, exactly 48 hours after his attack. He recounts the wake, the sadness, the feelings that assailed him, etc. He still wants to settle in Toulouse and devote himself to his work: "The hunt is over, or almost over. I will only look for sureties on French soil, that is to say, only a surety. The death of my father frees me from the apprehensions I had expressed to you, but I want one year, at least, to be without difficulties, for my novel [Les Amitiés particulières], which [...] can be very good. This is also what keeps him away from Africa: "the atmosphere of my book is essentially French and provincial. I would consider myself a madman and a fool to compromise the completion of a work that is increasingly close to my heart". The "poor Chev. The "poor Chev." [the "Chevalier", Henry Houssaye], who is in prison for a paedophile scandal in Cusset, hurts him, and he tries to help him as much as he can, sends him books; he will soon visit him in Cusset "to read him my papers" [Les Amitiés particulières].... Having learned that children under the age of 15 can travel freely between the two zones, he wants to change his program and asks Montherlant for his opinion: although he is certain that he has a safe boy in Toulouse, he wants to return to Paris: "I am delirious at the idea of having, with me, at home, at the high school, one of my two safe girls from Paris". You don't have to worry about mothers: "You just have to know how to present the pill. With the passage of time, it's something to know that one's little girl is safe for a year, and in the abundance that is allowed". He weighs the pros and cons between the three boys and the two mothers: what to choose? He has a friend at the German Embassy: "Important indication: if the New Order is established [...] I have a man of my own [...] at the German Embassy: Aschenbach, who was Welzeck's secretary and is now Abetz's [...] he is the great man of the rue de Lille [German Embassy] [...]. In short, if it were necessary to have recourse to these gentlemen, in my favour [...] you could address yourself there, sure of being doubly favourably received...". He asks him to obtain an ausweiss by this means, for nothing can be refused to Montherlant: "you are, over there, the man to whom a golden bridge is made"... He fears that the N. family feels played by them, and that the Gestapo, despite the protection of Aschenbach, will blackmail them: "Since these gentlemen of the Gestapo know everything [...] they must not ignore that these girls are your natural daughters - and here begins the blackmail...". Etc.
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