Roger PEYREFITTE. 10 L.A.S., [1941-1942],... - Lot 143 - Ader

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Roger PEYREFITTE. 10 L.A.S., [1941-1942],... - Lot 143 - Ader
Roger PEYREFITTE. 10 L.A.S., [1941-1942], to Henry de Montherlant; 9 postcards of correspondence (1 page in-8 each filled with a tiny handwriting, with on the back the addresses of the sender and the addressee), and 2 pages in-8 with letterhead of the Grand Hotel Taranne. Interesting correspondence to Montherlant, addressed to "M. Millon" (another surname of the writer), signed in the name of the sender (one "R.P. Fitte" and one "de St Phalle"), talking about their homosexual liaisons and adventures, Montherlant's new play La Reine morte, and his own novel Les Amitiés particulières. Toulon July 31 [1941]. "Here, complete change, completely disgusted, or rather annoyed. Unbearable character. Have liquidated everything, without loss or crash. Sigh at last. And aspires again, with full lungs, towards the horizons known, appreciated, tried and tested. Fie of the new, if not for an hour, with no return! "»... August 12th. "I have always told you, that the result of our peculiarities was always to bring us closer..."... ...September 13th. "Excellent journey. Found letter Henry H [oussaye] confirming to me that the illustrious V. [the publisher Jean Vigneau] has done absolutely nothing for him; he will probably never do anything for anyone...". 12 November, referring to the "Chevalier" [Henry Houssaye, who has just been arrested for paedophilia]: "Deeply regrets not being able to comfort, - especially, I think, by telling him what would have happened on the other side of the wall (cf. Casanova during the torture of Damiens)" ... Toulouse June 27 [1942]. "I am still laughing at the poem ("Give him something to eat," said the mother), at eating "the good letter", of course. But also I am hardly inclined to moan for you about the closure of Espinathie, which so many boys more than make up for"... 29 June. He participates by far in the success of his friend, and confirms his arrival around the 14th, for Saint-Henry's day, "a small intimate party, at the home of Espinathie's rival". In Toulouse, it is "dull. Besides, I hardly have "the head for it", having gone through my work. A scabby incomprehension, which often made me [...] yearn for those Parisian horizons that you cast a shadow over me. Now that you've painted them pink, it's "masterpieces" and "superb editions" that you disgust me. Where is the time when I used to say: my work (I did not yet claim to be a masterpiece) is a life. Too happy a man who admirably leads the two at once (will I one day have your know-how?), - the pen and the "sword"! "... 12 September. "I applaud, from afar, the enrichment of the famous collection: the two new divinities inscribed under nos. X and XVI seem to me to be choice pieces, and which prove to me that there are only good antiques from Paris. ...] I have decided, once again, to stick to what antique dealers bring me at home: I have hung - not too high - my hunter's horns. The statuette that was almost delivered to you in Paris has been my delight several times, - and I could not decide its owner to deliver it to me in shape: it comes and goes, it is fleeting "... Dorat 29 September. He delayed his return to Toulouse, and "hopes you were not angry that you were seen from here as a little boy dressed in black velvet, and in blond curls. [...] Charm at the end of the holidays "parked cars" ", with an account of a trip to Gergovie...Toulouse December 29th. He waited to write to find out what had become of the major's case: "the plaintiff was convinced she was a person 'of bad life'. The major made himself white with his sword, as they used to say. Brave Major! There is a god for majors and for their order. - Letter from J.V. [the publisher Jean Vigneau], who protests strongly against the change of title, and I surrender to his reason: you know my "versatility". The truth is that I have found nothing good instead. So the die is cast: I will be the author of the A.P. [Amitiés particulières] Tough luck! Or so much the better! ...this book can't have another name. And let's leave our friendship out of it. When you read it, you will judge what you can do ... once again, I declare that literature is one thing, friendship and life is another. ... I am mourning the Dead Queen - a vacant state in terms of personal struggle at this time... Monday evening [December 1942?]. Impossible to express his joy: "From your little note I gave back the kiss that in my dream I had received from you: the kiss of peace, friendship and reconciliation. ...] That two people with as many affinities as we have - suffer me to flatter myself a little - could be angry for more than eight days, - and, in the future, to be angry for just one day, just one moment, - that would be really too stupid. I am with you, following one of your words, as the water on the shore; go away, and I am no more; I only see the sab
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