Robert, baron TASCHER DE LA PAGERIE (1740-1806)... - Lot 290 - Ader

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Robert, baron TASCHER DE LA PAGERIE (1740-1806)... - Lot 290 - Ader
Robert, baron TASCHER DE LA PAGERIE (1740-1806) lieutenant, commander of the ports and harbours of Martinique, uncle of Joséphine de Beauharnais. L.A.S., au Vauclin (Martinique) 18 frimaire XI (December 9, 1802), to his eldest son Robert; 5 and a half pages in-4. Very long letter to his son giving news from Martinique. He reproaches him for his lack of news, having learned indirectly of his good arrival in France, gives him news of his health, of his brothers Henri and Louis. "I took advantage of a quiet moment to write to the first Consul, my niece and my sister [...]. Since that time, I have been cruelly tormented by this cursed drop..." He remained three months without being able to leave his room and was finally able to leave to go to Les Trois Islets: "Two weeks ago, I made my first visit to Monsieur Villaret-Joyeuse, captain general of our colony. The first Consul was not mistaken about the choice he made, he would fill the views well, but unfortunately he alone cannot do all the good he would like. The colony has been in a state of suffering for over two years. We have paid for cod up to 132ll a cent, even now we are paying 70 to 80ll, an exorbitant price, for how can the inhabitants support themselves, if the food of the Negroes remains at such a high price... We farmers have the greatest confidence in the charitable views that the first Consul has pronounced in our favour and we hope that there will be a change in our favour". Since he was the eldest, he asked him to look after his brothers and gave him advice, especially for Louis, whose character was "lively and lively": "Tell them both to make the most of the time they have to learn, to take advantage of the teachers they will have, and especially my children will not be wasteful, nor prodigal, thinking that you are in charge of the first Consul, that you still have two brothers who must join you, and your sister Stephanie whom we are sending to my Niece [Josephine]: What gratitude you owe to my dear niece, deserve by your distinguished conduct, by your application to learning, so many tokens of kindness that she and her worthy and virtuous husband lavish upon you. For you know my position and you are not unaware that it would have been impossible for me to send you all to France, my house, as you know, is in need of great repairs, all the buildings need to be redone, you know that it has been abandoned for more than three years and that I was not allowed to go there, so I must make good the wrong done to me by the English government". He is counting on his intercession with Josephine to be able to acquire the Baye estate which adjoins his land, but he would need 400,000 pounds... He gives news of the various members of the family, one of whom, the husband of a cousin, "has just given me an advance of twenty niggers".....
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