- Emmanuel CHABRIER. L.A.S., La Membrolle... - Lot 31 - Ader

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- Emmanuel CHABRIER. L.A.S., La Membrolle... - Lot 31 - Ader
- Emmanuel CHABRIER. L.A.S., La Membrolle December 15, 1891, to André Monvoisin; 3 pages in-8 (slight cracks in folds repaired). [91-111]
Beautiful family letter, while working at Briséïs. He is going to take care of Mlle Broquin, "but what she asks for is hard. [...] I also hope that your business is going well. I am breaking up to death, and I think, at the end of next year, I will be close to writing the last word; but it is long and it must be good. As well the stay here, you think, is free of findesièclaille; the weather is horrible, the hours pass quickly [...] And the brain does not have the same lightness as in summer; that does not make anything, but that costs more sorrow and assembly of neck, or blow, as you will want ". This is followed by family news about his sons André and Marcel, who prepares his philosophy "better than at Rollin, which is apparently infested with cranes, absolutely eager to squeeze out new fruit. [...] I'm fine. Mt. Dore has had an excellent effect on me. He only comes to Paris for "little getaways [...] I won't come for New Year's Day; at that time, this Babylon disgusts me"... And he evokes the "dear house of Cusset, where I was so happy! and where all of you, too, were born and had such great joys! [...] Ah! poor Cusset, I am not ready, now, to set foot there. Ite, Cusset est!"
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