Théophile-Alexandre STEINLEN. 49 L.A.S. (mostly... - Lot 42 - Ader

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Théophile-Alexandre STEINLEN. 49 L.A.S. (mostly... - Lot 42 - Ader
Théophile-Alexandre STEINLEN. 49 L.A.S. (mostly "St."), 1897-1923, to his daughter Colette Steinlen, Mrs. D.-E. Inghelbrecht; 110 pages in various sizes, numerous addresses and envelopes. Beautiful and important correspondence to her beloved daughter. In 1910, Colette Steinlen married the conductor Désiré-Émile Inghelbrecht; from that date on, letters are often addressed to the couple September 1, 1897. "I wish I had now to make sketches, but one can't be at the oven and the mill at the same time, can one, in the country and near one's dad. I hope that when you are back you will put me down very nicely. [...] Goodbye, my dear little girl, be good and well-behaved, all the cats and especially a shrink will tell me to kiss you"... [1902]. "I have absolutely gone wrong with the Schwarz number, which I have been working on for the last ten days, rather sluggishly. I had a feeling that I was not on the right track, and nothing could be more accurate. I burned yesterday what I had done so far and I'll let it rest for a few days before getting back to it. The serious matter is that Schwarz seems to me to be penniless..." - [1903]. "Say, Colette. It seems to me that you had to pass some exams before the beginning of the school year so that you wouldn't have to repeat the year - which would be annoying. But you'd better get yourself sorted out, it's more your business than mine. [...] I don't have time to be bored, you'll understand that, except for one thing, your portrait, which I am obliged to leave in the air until your return"... 1912 (the Inghelbrecht's are in Berlin and Vienna). - February 6. "I am very happy to know that everything went well the first time Inghi conducted"; questions about the conditions Diaghilew would make: "if Inghi gets a real moral benefit from this, the financial side takes a back seat"... - 19 February. "I am now anxious to know what is going to happen this week - Inghi - Diaghilew - Monteux - all of this is going to work itself out"... - February 20. Visit to Anatole France, Villa Saïd; news of the cats. - 23 February. He is delighted with the arrangement with Diaghilev. 1913. July 14 and 15 (on the letterhead of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées). He was going to join the Inghel family in Lugano, but his poster worried him... 1920. Steinlen's stay in Saint-Ay (Loiret), illness. 1921. Saint-Ay January 21. "Although I have not yet been able to really get down to work, I am undoubtedly getting better and physically at least I am doing well. 1922. August 15. "Three or four more days of hard work and the escape. I'm really fed up - I didn't sleep enough now I sleep too much - 7, 8, 9 hours in a row and I get up no less tired than I went to bed [...] The cats are crammed 3 or 4 deep into the couch to keep warm"... - August 24. "Would I go to Switzerland? With the exchange rate still rising and my resources now depleted it might not be wise"... - August 30. "No, I have not moved, have not been to Jouy. I am held at the printing office by a nasty poster that is not going well"... - September 3. News of Inghel on tour for the Ballets Suédois (Colette is in Cusset, at R. Désormière's); news of nieces Marguerite and Germaine... October-November 1922. News of her stay in Marseille, in Jouques (at Jean Roque's), then Toulon, in search of a house... Description of the picturesque market of Toulon... Jouy August 1923. Operation and installation in the house of Jouy. Paris 1st September 1923. "I did not find in Jouy the good conditions that I hoped for to work. This damn garden was asking for me"... 29 L.A.S. from Colette Steinlen to her father (nice set); a bill a.s. to Inghelbrecht; 2 L.A.S. from Inghelbrecht to Steinlen (1913) are attached;
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