François-Adrien BOIELDIEU (1775-1834). L.A.S.,... - Lot 50 - Ader

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François-Adrien BOIELDIEU (1775-1834). L.A.S.,... - Lot 50 - Ader
François-Adrien BOIELDIEU (1775-1834). L.A.S., [1829], to the singer Antoine-Louis Ponchard; 2 1/2 pages in-8, address. On his comic opera Les Deux Nuits (to be premiered on May 20, 1829 at the Opéra-Comique, directed by P.A. Ducis, with Moreau-Sainti in the leading role, after Ponchard's refusal). "I see it, [...] my poor two nights must cause me only annoyances and sorrows. Mr. Ducis refuses to postpone my work until September. This would have been in my best interest given the bad season in which I find myself rejected, and he gives reasons for this that I am forced to find valid. On the other hand, I have proof that Moreau-Sainti has a commitment that authorizes him to refuse to double your role after the twenty performances that you could give us, and this strange commitment [...] was intended to put Moreau-Sainti in charge and without sharing in a moment when you were no longer part of the theater. Since then you have returned but the commitment remains and has not been modified which will put Mr Ducis in a false position for a long time with regard to the authors. Finally, you see, dear friend, I am forced to give up on you, even though I told Mr. Ducis yesterday that I would not make a decision until I had seen you again... but what could you tell me, since you believe that you must not sacrifice your leave. God grant that he does not impose on you any other sacrifice than that of your role in the Two Nights"... Boieldieu tries to persuade Ponchard that this refusal could harm his career... "... Finally, dear friend, I am saddened as much for you as for me. Think again. I did not dispose of your role. I did not want to see Moreau-Sainti and I do not intend to speak to him about my role until this evening if, to my great regret, you have not changed your mind by then"... He will offer Ponchard a new role worthy of his talent...
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